Industry news how to win the battle for the LED power supply

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In fact, the emergence of "early stopping" phenomenon of domestic LED power industry, 2011 to high-power outdoor power based pioneer began to promote the middle and small power supply. Taiwan Mingwei has been devoted to the outdoor, indoor power legs walk "". The first half of this year, LED high-power power margin fell 10%, small and medium-sized power average gross profit is only maintained at 15%-25%. The status quo of the weakness in the global economy, China's LED power industry supply exceeds demand, let the disorderly market competition is becoming more and more serious, the price war has already been started.
In the performance pressures and new technology to be breakthrough, inherent territory of LED power supply is gradually being broken, the market will move toward what? In this regard, we invited the power industry leading enterprises of Moso power chairman Gu Yongde, general manager of Zhou Honglin lyford, wave power general manager Ye Jianbo, Foshan Igor electric general manager Zhang Tielei, click general manager Xiao Jin, current LED power industry problems given their opinions.
Whether the current LED power supply or small power supply are facing the grim reality of declining prices, the decline in gross margin decline in prices in a variety of circumstances. There is a decline in the cost, the price of natural decline; there is a market competition led to price war; there is the enterprises malicious price to exclude competitors. The main factors are: the first decline in gross margin is low quality and low price products impact. At present, the entire LED industry in the development stage, the chaos application of terminal product prices, in a disorderly competition, as the power products matching, are also implicated, a large number of low quality and low price products flooding the market, will lower the entire industry gross margin. Second is the industry competition, the high-end manufacturers in order to market share, reduce product gross margin. Third, the product of the relative mass production, reduce the cost, price adjustment is imperative.
LED is a sunrise industry, at present the whole industry chain investment overheating, the rapid development at the same time standard and did not come out to guide and regulate the industry as a whole, the nature of reaction of falling prices is the industry competition. The rapid drop in prices, of course is not reasonable. Don't put the LED driving power supply when the high-tech products, nor is it improper product. The technology of this industry is not high barriers, from the whole power supply technology background, the technical content of LED driving power supply is far below that of communication power supply, power supply, it is one of the most commonly used in industrial power supply, so the low threshold means that competition is fierce.
The market competition, and ultimately will tend to the rationalization of profit, who will do the optimal cost-effective products, who will be able to obtain market. From the point of view of several mainstream power supply enterprise product price, still more reasonable. The short-term behavior of the price of the company, I can not imagine, but the market demand is low, high school.
LED has its particularity, it needs to research and development, production, procurement, quality control with a series of platform. The platform is directly related to the quality of the products, and the formation of the platform, need time. But one time the price dropped drastically obviously unreasonable. LED products are public goods, so as the product matures and the further promotion of demand will continue to increase after the hot money continue to enter the threshold is not high for the industry, creating overcapacity. Many enterprises want to survive leads to vicious competition, resulting in gross margin decline.
The price decline is normal, in the face of this situation of enterprises to consider their own should do what choice: to swim or adhere to quality and innovation? The competitiveness of the products is to look at the front end of the ability to integrate resources and enterprise itself control ability. At present, large power and small power supply price drop speed looked somewhat beyond my expectations, because the market demand is still not the true meaning of start, it also shows that our peers facing the survival pressure is not small, also called peer don't do some vicious competition, to ensure the sustainable development of the industry. According to terms of business, market competition is fierce day by day, before the NVC, OPPLE, Mitsuo never set foot in, but now they are vigorously promoted. Lamps and lanterns first spell price, power price drop. Also because of lamps and lanterns price, market is gradually opened, but the supply is always greater than the demand, the price decline is the inevitable trend of.
Prices fall, do not talk to go up is rational or not, to meet the market demand is the most important. But now the power demand hierarchy, we in the high-end positioning, some Maori too low we abandon.
High LED: at present, the power plant are widespread power variety, not large area mass problem. Mainly products application terminal not form standardization. The development of the application of manufacturing enterprise products, as the power matching lamps products naturally according to the customer's technical requirements development power, power due to many varieties, but the product can not be a large area of batch production situation. This caused a lot of waste, including the development of cost, manpower cost, cost of raw materials etc.. The cost of the power supply is not fall down, the cost of purchasing application manufacturers also worry that the final cost of or on the final user body. As for the latter question, I don't think there is the question of who who guide and promote each other, but rather complementary development.
Mainly because there is no industry standard, each application end enterprise R & D department, according to their understanding of the light source and a lamp, to requirements and selection of power supply, so the power production enterprises, customers continue to do custom demand. We have the second half of the year, to launch a full digital power supply, can achieve