Pay attention to what before using potting a waterproof Swit

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Pay attention to what before using potting a waterproof Switing power supply

Waterproof power supply potting shell using the process should pay attention to methods of their use, in order to better prevent mistakes and use the hurt so precautions in particular the use of which should be done in the main are:

    With the continuous development of science and technology, social development forward at a rapid and steady pace, more and more electrical equipment into the field of vision to the public more widely used. However, due to lack of electric power facilities and maintain timely updates aging phenomenon began to appear, together with some power facilities design is not perfect, and sometimes can not provide sufficient power, which will lead to low voltage user home appliances can not normally use, so will not only damage the user's device and there are still some security risks, but also endanger the user's own security.

Press Cooling Category: Oil (from cold) transformer, dry type (from cold) transformer, fluoride (evaporative cooling) transformer.

Press the Power Phase Classification: single-phase transformers, three-phase transformer, multi-phase transformer.

1. Stored away from children.

2. Although this power potting non-dangerous goods, but to avoid entering the mouth and eyes.

3. The plastic material to be sealed storage, mixing a good run out of rubber, to avoid wastage.
Press the core or coil structure classification: shell-type transformers (insert core, C-core, ferrite core), core type transformer (insert core, C-core, ferrite core). ring-type transformers, transformer metal foil.
Moisture-proof way by Category: potting transformers, open type transformers, sealed transformers.

By Application: power transformers, voltage transformers, high frequency transformers, pulse transformers, audio transformers, intermediate frequency transformers. 
Voltage instability not only life but also imaging equipment operating voltage is too low because the error caused by the resulting product can not be produced, leading to not deliver on time, these will bring great losses to the manufacturers. Voltage instability also damage equipment parts, not only the life of the imaging equipment will cause unnecessary trouble for the owners, the owners want to maintain the machine and sometimes even replace the new device will not only result in waste of resources but also increase production costs.

4. After prolonged storage, rubber filler sedimentation will be to mix well before use, in order to avoid the use of performance impact plastic.

5. A certain amount of glue in contact following chemical substances will be without curing phenomenon, so in order to avoid this, to try to clean the circuit board when using residual rosin, while minimizing the use of low levels of lead solder.