SMSP using the process should avoid the problem

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Led switching power supply using the process should avoid the problem 

As society progresses, we supply parts factory also closely follow the pace of the times, we developed a variety of LED power accessories, along with lights, tunnel lights, LED Grille, LED indoor lights, and other widely used, LED Power Accessories It is quite a market selling point. LED Power accessories with a variety of categories, and each with distinct characteristics.
In the process led switching power supply used there are some problems that need attention
First, the switching power supply, while having a very high efficiency, but after all, not 100 percent, but the switching power supply chip resistance is relatively small, the heat capacity is relatively poor, so be sure to calculate the voltage and current required by the system to calculate the system Power, then calculate the consumption of the switching power supply chip power consumption based on the efficiency curve. Thermal resistance calculated by the temperature of the chip exceeds the chip can withstand the temperature. Then the case aside a certain margin, and select the chip.

Second, the recent use of positive to negative electrical transformer chip, found insufficient negative voltage output when the load is disconnected, found that voltage is restored, when the post-stage circuit began to suspect a problem, but when using regulated power supply negative voltage no current limiting, and when the current file using a multimeter test and found that current is only 50mA, and later found a large inductor when I put the chip output positive line in series to remove, the output is normal. Therefore, the switching power supply in normal operation, the input voltage supply lines added to the large inductance, although separated out the DC component of the role to some extent, but also affect the switching power supply.