LED drive power accessories brought us a color life

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LED drive power accessories brought us a color life
    As society progresses, we are led drive power accessories factory also keep up the pace of the times, we developed a variety of LED power accessories, along with lights, tunnel lights, LED Grille, LED indoor lights, and other widely used, LED Power Accessories is quite a market selling point. LED Driver Power accessories with a variety of categories, and each with distinct characteristics.
1, low power consumption and power-off feature Accessories, in power due to overheating or low battery voltage leaving a certain percentage of the output voltage drops when there is a power supply IC accessory working status signal to the microcontroller, and reset the device.
2, the output voltage accuracy high power accessories, general output voltage accuracy of ± 2 to 4 percent, with a precision up to a lot of new power IC ± 0.5 ~ ± 1%; and the output voltage temperature coefficient is small, usually ± 0.3 ~ ± 0.5mV / ℃, while some can reach ± 0.1mV / ℃ of levels.
    3, package size small power accessories, comprehensive protection measures have improved the new switching power supply protection measures, which include: output over-current limit, thermal protection, short circuit protection and battery polarity reversal protection, safe and reliable power supply, easy to damage.