Which main factors of LED Power Supply that affect LED modul

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Which main factors of LED Power Supply that affect LED module thermal resistance

1. That the use of the same heat sink material, and also the size of the radiating area is directly related to the secondary cooling design is good, large area, correspondingly reducing the thermal resistance, this LED luminous efficiency and longer life expectancy have very big role.

2. LED chip is directly connected with the thermal plastic and metal, including thermal plastic and metal materials will affect the size of the different kinds of LED thermal resistance. To minimize the LED load resistance of the secondary cooling mechanism between interfaces. Operating ambient temperature is too high for LED components also affect the size of the thermal resistance of LED components to minimize ambient temperature.

3. Selection of materials and control of certain import rated power and other technical details, in order to improve the LED luminous efficiency and extend LED life as a precondition to handle LED thermal problems.

4. LED chip architecture and raw materials is one of the factors affecting the size of the LED thermal resistance, thermal resistance to reduce the LED itself is pre-conditions; for LED thermal resistance of the heat sink material impact on the size of the different thermal conductivity, such as copper, aluminum, also large, so select the appropriate material heat sink thermal resistance of the LED assembly methods are also reduced.