High waterproof performance of "waterproof power supply

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High waterproof performance of "waterproof power supply" shell Introduction 

China waterproof power supply shell companies used to develop and build more, larger regional markets, and how to make the regional market for the company's strategic and profit services, the lack of a clear concept and a viable option. Although sales every year Growth, however, we want to see, this growth is not sustainable. Growth in sales, up reaction to the reality that the growth of corporate power. However, how to put this amount of growth transformed into a qualitative leap, how to get us Products always invincible, this is the most important issue a wise business decision-makers should be concerned about.

working process led switching power supply is quite easy to understand, in a linear power supply, so that the power transistor operating in the linear mode, and the linear power is different, PWM switching power supply is to make the work of the power transistor is turned on and off in a state in which the two states, add the power transistor volt - Ann product is small (when turned on, low voltage, large current; shutdown, high voltage, current is small) VA / power on the device is the product of power generated on the semiconductor device loss.

    As a very mature technology and development of industrial products, led waterproof power supply housing can be described as a wide range of complex process, and it is in the selection of materials on a variety of different materials. And in these dazzling array of species which, having Good quality aluminum waterproof rainproof power supply housing can be described as second to none. Aluminum rainproof power supply housing is then machined aluminum power shell by sawing aluminum stretched manner, high flexibility, with good anti- leakage function, the depth can be cut, generally have internal circuit board slot, as long as the circuit board can be inserted directly, without further fixed, convenience is unmatched by other types of housing, but housing supply is generally aluminum rain Waterproof relatively strong, it may be suitable for use in outdoor and harsh environment areas.

Waterproof power supply housing has a novel appearance, simple installation while other advantages compared to conventional power shell, rainproof power supply housing has better cooling effect rain effect and production characteristics of modern power rain shell is: Switching power supply outside fortification rain shell, to prevent rusting switching power supply. side of the housing is provided with hooks for easy placement.

    Change the old-fashioned shell waterproof power supply outdoor use conventional aluminum outer shell with a large meter box to rain the way. The new housing available switching power supply board directly fixed to the casing, eliminating the trouble with conventional aluminum casing but also saves manufacturing costs, and the appearance looks more simple and beautiful.